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Joint Replacement Surgery

For years, patients have benefited from minimally invasive surgeries offered by Frank Femino, MD. Same-day partial knee replacement, small-incision total knee replacement and minimally invasive total hip replacement have freed patients from a life of pain and returned them to their active lifestyle (this includes anterior hip replacement surgery).

Minimally invasive procedures performed by Dr. Femino have minimized blood loss, decreased pain during rehabilitation and shortened the patient’s hospital stay. The benefits include:

  • Quicker recovery
  • Reduced scarring
  • Increased stability of the implant
  • Patients can bend their hip freely and bear full weight soon after surgery, without the limitations that exist weeks following conventional hip replacement surgery. Patients report that they are walking hours after surgery and returning to work several weeks later pain-free without any assistive devices.

Improvements in Implant Technology

Newer Polyethylene, metals and ceramics are promising longer life to implants for joint replacement; some may now last a lifetime. Dr. Femino has spent considerable time designing and modifying implants for surgery, developing prototypes and lending his expertise to biomedical research and development. This unique expertise also contributes to repeated surgical success.