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Scoliosis: When your Backbone Throws you a Curve

September 28, 2021

The spine is often referred to as the backbone, and for good reason. The spine plays a crucial role in supporting our bodies. It connects many different sections of the body’s musculoskeletal system, and helps us stand, sit, bend and twist.

One common spinal condition that affects millions of people — often adolescents — is scoliosis, a curvature of the spine that can lead to pain and a series of imbalances that affect our movements. The board-certified orthopedic spine specialists at the offices of Nutley Orthopaedic Group have successfully treated many scoliosis patients in our state-of-the-art facility. Our experienced, attentive staff provides a level of care to each individual that is simply unsurpassed.

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of each patient that includes their medical history, a thorough physical examination and use imaging technology before reaching a diagnosis. We focus on looking for some common symptoms of scoliosis, including a difference in the height of the patient’s shoulders or hips from one side to the other; and whether the head is off-center from the rest of the body. We also observe how the patient moves in various positions and whether there is discomfort.

The goal of our treatment seeks to stop this curvature from becoming more pronounced and prevent deformity. Sometimes the use of a brace may be considered based on the severity, but surgery may be indicated if bracing doesn’t slow the progression. If that is the recommendation, our team of specialists will explain what to expect during and after the procedure, and answer any questions the patient and their family may have.

The orthopedic spine surgeons at Nutley Orthopaedic Group have produced excellent results treating patients for scoliosis and other spinal conditions. If you or a family member have been experiencing the symptoms of this condition, you can feel confident placing your health in the hands of our experts. Please contact our office today to schedule an appointment.