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If Your Hips Hurt, One of These Conditions May Be Why.

December 27, 2021

Each of your two hip joints is surrounded by several muscles that support it and play an integral role in the movement of your whole body. Its ball-and-socket construction allows motion and gives the stability needed to bear your body weight. Your hip joints let your legs move out to the side, rotate, and shift back and forth. 

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Osteoarthritis: Many individuals get this ailment during their middle-age years due to natural wear and tear. The cartilage on the thighbone’s ball end and in its hip socket disintegrates. The resulting pain is frequently worse after a serious workout or when you haven’t moved for a while. 

Rheumatoid arthritis: Doctors don’t know why an immune system attacks parts of its body, which includes the damaging or destruction of the usually-thin lining of the cartilage that covers the hip bone. 

Your sciatica nerve: A sedentary lifestyle, among other factors, can aggravate, anger and pinch this nerve, which your body’s biggest. The nerve goes from the bottom of your spine through your hips and down the back of your leg. The pain will exude from the hip and be mild, severe, prickly, and numb or like an electric jolt.

Bursitis: Pain can arise when the fluid-filled sacs that reduce abrasion between muscle, tendons and bones get aggravated and enlarged. It can occur on the exterior bony section of your hip, where it incites piercing pain that lessens but eventually spreads out. 

Hip strain: Strains happen when you overextend or pull any of the tendons and muscles that enable your hip joint to move. A sprain refers to when the same thing happens to a ligament. The region might enlarge, get weak and ache, especially when you use it.

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