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Disc Replacement Surgery may be the Answer for Chronic Back Pain

April 27, 2021

“Oh my aching back!” It’s a phrase that many people might have uttered at least once in their lives. In fact, chronic back pain is very much a part of the human condition, affecting 80 to 90 percent of the population.

Fortunately, very few people who experience low back or neck pain will require surgery to get relief from their discomfort. But if conservative treatments haven't resolved the issue within six months, and it’s been determined that a disk joint is the source of your chronic pain, you might be a candidate for disk replacement surgery. At the office of Nutley Orthopaedic Group our team of orthopedists is highly skilled at diagnosing the cause of spinal pain and determining if disc replacement — either total or partial — is right for you.

Disc replacement is the latest development in addressing leg and back pain in the spine, where implants replace the functions of both the damaged disc and the surrounding facet joints. Like all medical procedures, however, it works well for some people but not for others and that’s why a thorough examination and diagnosis are needed to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Generally, good candidates for disc replacement surgery are those who have chronic back pain caused by degenerated spinal discs, have had no prior major spine surgery, have no spinal deformity, and are generally in good health and at a healthy weight.

The procedure helps restore pain-free motion and flexibility and it’s generally less invasive than similar procedures, such as spinal fusion. It can be an effective solution in reversing the limitations that chronic back pain can inflict — helping patients to regain a better quality of life. 

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