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Build Up Your Bone Strength to Enhance Your Current and Future Health

August 30, 2022

Exercise increases the well-being of your heart and muscles. But did you know that it’s also excellent for your bones? Sturdy bones reduce your risk of a fracture or break and, as you age, help stave off osteoporosis. 

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When you exercise to concentrate on building up your bones, incorporate these programs for maximum effectiveness. 

Resistances moves (elastic bands, your own body weight, classic strength training) use muscle contractions that pull on bones and stimulate the bones to become denser.

During weight-bearing activities, your body weight counteracts gravity, which stimulates bones to toughen up. Find it in walking, dancing, hiking, scaling climbing walls, and playing popular games such as golf, basketball and racquet sports. On the contrary, swimming or cycling, during which the water or bicycle supports your body weight, doesn’t accomplish this mission. All exercise is beneficial. But compared to other types of workouts, these have a lot to offer. Not only do they give you excellent workouts, they can also help you overcome some common excuses for avoiding exercise, such as “I’m too busy to hit the gym” and “My home is too small for a stationary bike.” You must simply move your body.

Impact actions—pounding the ground or landing after a jump—accentuates the weight-bearing force of gravity. Get in on it with skipping rope, calisthenics, gymnastics and running. 

When you speed up your physical activities with things such as brisk-paced aerobics, distance running or singles tennis, your bones will reap more than a leisurely walk or isometrics. 

Sports that require rapid whole-body movements with a pre-planned change of velocity or direction benefit bone density. Rugby, soccer, racquet sports and football involve rapid turns and start-and-stop actions.

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