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If One of Both of Your Knees Hurt, These Ailments Could Be Why

November 28, 2022

Your knees are vital to your abilities to walk, run, sit and perform countless other actions. They need to be in good condition for optimal mobility. Knee pain comes and goes. But if the hurt is intense, sudden and constant, see an orthopedist, who specializes in treating bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and band muscles. 

The office of Nutley Orthopaedic Group is skilled at the diagnosis and treatment of all ailments in the musculoskeletal system. Our state-of-the-art facility gives us the tools to treat our patients with the utmost precision. We combine our knowledge of traditional methods with advanced technology to get the best possible results.

Check out some of these conditions.

A throbbing ache after a fall, bang or bump could indicate a fracture or dislocation. Sometimes, however, a fracture in the form of tiny cracks at the ends of the leg bones develops over time due to increased usage.

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) links the tibia and femur, and it stops the tibia from shifting too far forward. If you hear a pop after a sudden move and your knee immediately becomes unstable, swollen and really sore, blame a torn ACL.

Little pods filled with a liquid called bursa help pad your knee joint. If you’ve been working your knees harder than usual, the pods get irritated. The resulting bursitis will make your knee warm, stiff, swollen and extremely sensitive. 

If your knee hurts right after you were playing a sport that requires quick, demanding turns, you might have torn a meniscus. It’s the pliable cartilage that’s a cushion between your thigh bones and shin bones. A meniscus flanks each ACL, and they become more vulnerable to injury with age or arthritis. A tear brings stiffness, swelling and difficulty moving. 

People who like to run for exercise tend to get, well, runner’s knee. The pain is felt around the front of your kneecap. Your knee could hurt after it’s been bent for a while or while kneeling. You may hear and feel cracks or pops while ascending stairs. 

Expect only the best from the office of Nutley Orthopaedic Group. We’re masters of our craft. For more information about our office and many services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.